Participating FNF13: Things that could be useful


  • Head and heart, a pencil and/or your laptop for collaboration
  • Your presentation(s), doc(s), flyer(s), sticker(s) if you like to share something like this
  • Your own cup for drinking (and anything else that could make our meeting more sustainable)
  • A multi outlet power strip, if possible
  • A beamer/projector for common use, if possible (we need 4-5 at all)
  • Your sleeping bag (in case of using the mass accomodation)
  • Your ID card (in case of participating the Digitalcourage slot on Monday)
  • Binoculars, tin foil hats, paper baskets, surveillance cameras, beam antennas etc. and an umbrella (in case of participating the observation walk)
  • Printed fingerprints of your GPG-Key (in case of using the Cryptoparty for keysigning)
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