Press release: International Privacy Weekend “Freedom Not Fear” coming up in Brussels


Participants expected from many countries – Snowden’s leaks and EU data protection reform in the focus

After two successful years, this year the international meeting “Freedom Not Fear Brussels” will take place a third time (from Friday, 27 September, til Monday, 30 September 2013). Privacy activists and data protection experts from several countries and organisations will attend this unique combination of talks, political work and networking in Brussels.

Caspar Bowden, Peter Hustinx, Christian D'Cunha

Caspar Bowden, Peter Hustinx, Christian D’Cunha

This year the Snowden revelations (e.g. the cyber attack on Belgacom infrastructure by GCHQ, also known as “OP SOCIALIST”) have given FNF new impetus as well as the coming EU data protection reform, still hotly discussed in the Brussels bubble.

On Friday evening the independent privacy activist Caspar Bowden is going to open the self-organized convention with a keynote speech on the Snowden revelations and their impact on privacy issues. The following Saturday and Sunday will be filled with self-organized workshops, lectures and discussions, also including a surveillance sightseeing walk (not a public protest!) through Brussels on Saturday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to visit with us the European side of the spying business.

This year’s Freedom Not Fear gathering will be traditionally completed with the Monday full of meetings with politicians from the European Commission and Parliament, also including a slot with Mr. Peter Hustinx, outgoing EU Data Protection Commissioner.

“Brave Mr. Snowden brought to light the extent of citizen surveillance organized by governments and their secret services. With this revelation behind us, it’s good to have this upcoming weekend for discussion and networking,” says Michael Ebeling, one of the coordinators of Freedom Not Fear 2013. “But one thing is evident already: Things can’t go on like this. If necessary, we’ll have to talk about non-cooperation and civil disobedience in order to make a change.”

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