Freedom Not Fear 2013 Brussels – It’s getting hot!


Only ten more days until the launch of FNF13 in Brussels, the schedule is getting busier and busier…

The Snowden leaks and the EU data protection reform will receive a lot of attention during our three-day-event in Brussels.

But there are also lots of different lectures, workshops and discussions that have been announced:

  • Video surveillance / CCTV
  • E-Health
  • Export of surveillance technology
  • Drones
  • Net neutrality
  • Internet of things

On Friday evening, Caspar Bowden, independent privacy expert, will launch the event with a keynote to discuss what we have learned since Snowden and what this might mean for Data Protection in Europe.

We are also going to do an observation walk on Saturday afternoon, during which we will visit interesting spots and buildings in Brussels (important: this is not a protest).

On the last day (Monday, 30 Sep) we will have the opportunity to meet with politicians and staff from the EU bubble. These meetings will include discussions with actors at the EU data protection reform, with Mr. Peter Hustinx, the EU European Data Protection Commissioner, and Mr. Christian D’Cunha, responsible for the Data Retention Directive within the European Commission.

We would like to remind you that participating in Freedom Not Fear is free, you do not need to register (except for some of the meetings on Monday!).

Join our international meeting, be part of it, feel free to intervene and to initiate your own slot/workshop about a topic, that you are interested in.

But whatever:

You’re welcome!

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