FNF13 – Yes, it works!


Despite the quietness on this blog – Freedom Not Fear 2013 will take place, not a question!

The wiki has been refreshed, the schedule framework been set up, the chance for a free or low cost mass accomodation rented, all necessary rooms at Mundo B house in Brussels are waiting for us.

Joining Freedom Not Fear Brussels was free and still it is – all work is being done by volunteers, there is no payment.

And there are much more topics to discuss and network about, than our weekend-meeting could bear:

  • EU data protection regulation
  • PRISM, Tempora respectively all the questions about secret services and their mass surveillance ambitions and how/if that fits to our view of a free society
  • surveillance and combat drones
  • video surveillance
  • upcoming EU investigation order

Freedom Not Fear Brussels lives on the people, who are with it, bringing in their ideas and life:

Come and join us! Everybody is welcome!

Graphics: FNF Logo provided by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) – Thanks! CC-BY-SA

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