Session overview

On Friday FNF starts with a keynote by Jane Kilpatrick: Use of surveillance technology against refugees at the European borders. Please be at Mundo-b by 19:00 (CEST).

Saturday and Sunday are filled with self-organised sessions throughout the day. Some of these have been scheduled already due to limited availability of the session convenors. All other sessions will be scheduled by the plenary. Participants are also invited to convene sessions on the spot at Freedom Not Fear.

Time Saturday Sunday
Morning plenary Morning plenary
Morning session 1
  • From Chat Control to Total Control: how the EU’s CSA Regulation threatens the entire internet [EDRi network]
  • Tech Abuse and Privacy: can we keep information private from an ex-partner
  • Digital Dissidents [IuRe / Digitální svobody]
  • CHATONS, a francophone collective of Freesoftware alternative Hosting service [CHATONS]
  • Pegasus, Predator, Hermit and the threat to democracy [MEP Marcel Kolaja (member of the Pegasus Inquiry Committee)]
  • What’s going on in your country?
Morning session 2
  • What are EU agencies doing with our personal data? [Statewatch & EDRi]
  • The European Digital ID
  • The impact of DSA/DMA on education / vocational training
  • What’s best for your children? – brainstorming about narratives so that people better understand what is really behind Chatcontrol [MEP Patrick Breyer]
  • “Smart” meter voor electricity & gas – the impact on our funamental right of refuge [Vrijbit]
  • Gender-based violence in the digital era [DATAWO]
After-Lunch session
  • Lightning Talks
  • Biometric surveillance: how we can ban Clearview AI, Pim Eyes & similar services in the EU’s AI Act? [EDRi]
  • European Health Data Spaces
  • The Atlas of Data Retention in the EU
  • Self-Sovereign Identity with ESSIF and eIDAS: an Opportunity or a Nightmare for Privacy and Data Protection?
Afternoon session 1
  • Debunking Systemic Injustices in States-Ruled by Digital Authoritarianism [Alternative Informatics Association]
  • Orwell’s Wallet: European electronic identity system leads us straight into surveillance capitalism []
  • Open Media Fingerprinting: friend, foe or something else?
  • Chatcontrol protest brainstorming [CCC]
  • EU Digital Legislation: the good, the bad and the ugly [MEP Karen Melchior]
  • Why on earth do we have to talk about net neutrality, yet again. []
  • Why #ChatControl does not help to protect children [Digitalcourage]
Afternoon session 1
  • Technopolice
  • Where to go?
  • How to sabotage data protection in Europe [Digitalcourage]
  • Data retention
  • Privacy.txt – automating supply chain compliance
  • When privacy is used as an accountability shield – taking action against SLAPPs in Europe [Blueprint for Free Speech]
  • CSAR Campaign – governance & perspectives [EDRi, CCC &]
18:00–19:00 Evening plenary Evening plenary

This schedule is subject to change and we will try to keep it updated during FNF. You can find a map with the event venue (Mundo-b) and the other relevant locations here:

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