Freedom not Fear, 21 Nov 2021 – registration is open!

We gladly invite you to Freedom not Fear 2021! As last year, the event will be an online-only event. We still hope to create a community-driven, interactive and inspiring space.

Platform Power, Freedom not Fear 21, Sun 21 Nov 2021

This year’s focus will be “Platform Power” – How do a few massive platforms shape our current experience in the online space? And why is it so important to address this concentration of power now?

Algorithms deployed by big platforms like Facebook and current practices of the companies behind those platforms are harming individuals, groups and society as a whole.
The big commercial platforms try to maximise ‘user engagement’ – keeping people clicking, liking, and sharing at any price. Since this is their business model, these platforms will not take responsibility for the disruption they cause and they have no interest in regulating themselves, because their profit relies on it – regardless of the consequences.

Now, with the upcoming Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA) we could grab the historical chance to set new rules for the game – and make it serve the people. The EU could set an example by taking the global lead with a modern online platform regulation.

We’d like to consider how the momentum could be used to counter the attention-grabbing, user-exploiting business models of most of today’s monopolistic, hyper-centralised, and ad-driven platforms – and find inspiring answers to some urgent questions:

  • How can we regulate Big Tech to stop them harming our democracy? Which aspects need to be regulated?
  • How can we prevent the aggregation of too much power in the hands of only a few platforms and help to build a decentralised system?

Do you have more questions, input or ideas for sessions?
Please join the discussion and register for the event:

You can register here:

Freedom not Fear 2021
On Sun, 21 November 2021 at 14:00 CET (UTC +0100)

We would also encourage you to consider convening a one-hour session/workshop or other, addressing the issue of platform power. There will be a separate call for sessions closer to the event where you can submit your ideas addressing platform power.

The community behind Freedom not Fear is looking forward to a day of productive conversations and community action. Stay tuned for the schedule announcement.

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