Call for Proposals & Volunteers at FnF 2021

Preparations are ongoing for the Freedom not Fear 2021 event on 21 November. We’re happy to see people signing up already – you are still invited to register for participation but today we are calling for your session proposals and volunteer support.

Session Proposals

You are invited to participate in the event by submitting session proposals. The guiding topic for Freedom not Fear 2021 is platform power.

While not limited to, we’d like to inspire your proposals with following questions:

  • How can we regulate Big Tech to stop them harming us, our friends and our democracy? Which aspects need to be regulated?
  • What is the role of the EU in this?
  • How can we prevent the massive aggregation of power in the hands of only a few platforms?
  • What are alternatives and how can we (help to) build decentralised systems?
  • How can we address destructive platform power beyond the digital rights bubble?
  • What are action ideas? What would we need to take action?

Please submit your suggestions by 15 November with this Cryptform:
The deadline will help us organise the schedule, however, it will still be possible to propose some spontaneous sessions at the event.

Volunteer support

While you are always welcome to join our organizing team, we would also like to ask for your support with some concrete tasks during the event, such as note-taking, room-pointing, technical support for participants. If you could imagine contributing your time, you’ll find some task descriptions and a Cryptform to submit here:

We’re looking forward to a creative event!

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