Joining Freedom not Fear? Here’s what to do …

Dear FnF people,
It’s time to get prepared for Freedom not Fear 2019. How?

  1. Plan your journey to Brussels – Event location: Mundo B, Rue d’Edimbourg 26, 1050 Ixelles – OpenStreetMap, website
  2. Spread the word and invite people – use the hashtags #FnF #FreedomNotFear
  3. Announce your session – talk, workshop or any other input. (Contact us and we will send you the schedule.)
  4. Mark your calendar – Registration for travel allowances will be open on 15 September 2019. You will find info on this website.
  5. Ask your MEPs for Freedom not Fear support. (The more member states and parties are involved in Freedom not Fear, the better for digital fundamental rights.)
  6. Organise your meetings with MEPs on Monday afternoon 11 November 2019 (details below).
  7. Think about staying one or two days longer in Brussels, e.g. for meetings with EU Council or EU Commission representatives.

Arrange a meeting with your Member of Parliament
On Monday morning, 11 November 2019, we will meet our supporting MEPs Alexandra Geese, Karen Melchior and Patrick Breyer at the European Parliament. After this, you can arrange further meetings with other MEPs to discuss your issues. If you want to arrange such a meeting, we suggest to write an e-mail, wait a few days and if you don’t get any answer, call them directly.

Any questions? Contact us!

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