Call for Graphic Design of new FNF Logo

Dear volunteer designers,

Freedom not Fear is looking for a new logo!

FNF is an annual self-organised event on privacy, digital technologies and its effects on human rights. People from all across Europe meet and work towards more freedom in the digitised world, plan actions against increasing surveillance and against other attacks on civil rights. It is an empowering and refreshing barcamp with workshops, panel discussions and talks.

FNF trajectory

Since 2006, FNF’s predecessor “Freiheit statt Angst” regularly organised protests in Germany around issues of privacy. The first “Freedom not Fear” was guided by the thought of taking the street protest from German cities to European capitals, and that has indeed happened in the first few years.

After about 15 editions, the logo still reflects those roots, but in practice the event’s focus has changed: we expanded with social media campaigns, engaged in advocacy directly with European Union’s decision makers – making our voices heard while influential policies such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were shaped early in the 2010s – and professionalised our work.

FNF keeps tackling ever emerging issues identified by grass roots organisations and concerned citizens like you, calling decision makers in the European Parliament to their responsibility and striving for a positive change in our societies.

You can find more information about FNF and the current logo at

FNF aspirations

We are looking for design contributions which reflect FNF’s trajectory, state of the art and aspirations.

Some keywords: digital rights, stop surveillance, protecting fundamental rights, people empowerment.
Some inspiring terms: activism, inclusion, collaboration, openness, self-determined, grass roots, democracy.

We have been busy addressing current threats that come with e.g. new laws, so we often focus on reacting, preventing and safeguarding. As a result, this makes us seem like innovation haters and “stoppers” of progress. But this is not what Freedom not Fear is about. We provide this platform to seed and bolster constructive solutions and ideas for human-centred innovation (as opposed to profit-centred). We are also thinking about Foucault, the distribution of information and societies’ relations with mass surveillance. We envision an image that somewhat projects these intentions.

Your contribution

You’d become part of a growing movement fighting against surveillance, censorship and discrimination in the digital age. FNF is an event to motivate, connect and mobilise our community with an inclusive, friendly and independent/self-determined spirit. With the new logo we will launch a call for merchandise design collaborators to collect donations and support the event.

Could you create something based on this? Feel like giving it a try?

  • When choosing colours, please keep accessibility considerations in mind.
  • It would be great if your graphics also work well in black and white / monochrome.
  • We are looking for freely shareable results end editable source files using non-proprietary fonts and file formats.

Please send submissions (and questions) by Monday, 19 June 2023 to:

We would contact selected designers by the end of June.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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