Freedom Not Fear 2022: get involved in the planning!

Freedom not Fear (FNF) is an annual self-organised conference on privacy and digital rights. People from all across Europe meet and work towards more freedom in the digitalised world, plan actions against increasing surveillance and other attacks on civil rights. Also we have the chance to talk to decision-makers at the EU level.

After two years of FNF happening as an online event only, we are ambitiously aiming for an in-person event in Brussels this year again – probably on a weekend in September. Usually we can arrange travel reimbursements. To make this happen, we (the previous year’s organisers) are inviting everyone from all over Europe who is willing to get involved with ideas, skills, enthusiasm to join our first open planning call.

To agree on topic(s) and time, arrange locations, organise a programme and inspiring speakers we need YOU. If you have any help to offer, big or small, please feel invited to join our

first online planning call on
28 February (Monday) at 18:00 CET.

If you’re interested to join the meeting, please contact us at or subscribe to the mailing list where the conference link will be shared shortly before the call:

We want to live in freedom, not in fear. Join the team to make a next Freedom not Fear possible!

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