Thank you for Freedom not Fear 2021

A heartfelt thank you to all who helped making Freedom Not Fear 2021 possible!

To make this year’s online conference more entertaining, we had built a work adventure world. Participants from all over Europe, from Indonesia and possibly some other places that we missed were able to meet each other (virtually).

We had a small but fine programme focusing on the issue of platform power, with EDRi facilitating the kick-off panel ‘Leading by example: EU online platform regulation with people in mind’. Thanks to support of MEPs Patrick Breyer and Paul Tang, research fellow at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam Ilaria Buri, co-founder and lead of Panoptykon Kasia Szymielewicz, and CEO of Vivaldi Jon von Tetzchner as well as padeluun and Rena Tangens from Digitalcourage the event was bristling with input.

The event was concluded with a live music stream by Silent River Soundsystem on the specially built surprise dancefloor in the FNF world.

Thanks for your fantastic work and support to all who organised, facilitated, took notes, built the world, played music, took part and will help to improve the digital world for analog beings!

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If you are interested in helping to organise Freedom not Fear 2022, let us know by email to contact at freedomnotfear dot org.

Group photo in the FNF 2021 world

Last song streaming to the virtual dancefloor

Some appreciation on social media

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