Call for sessions (deadline for suggestion is 26 October)

While this year’s FNF is limited by a shorter schedule duration and a lack of physical dimension, Freedom of Fear maintains its community – based nature. Do you want to know how you can contribute to the schedule? Read on!
If you want to be really fast, here is our dedicated framaform  for your suggestion.

In 2020, the community behind Freedom not Fear voted Biometric Mass Surveillance as the focus of its 10th edition.

Biometric data includes data about our body or behaviour and can range from fingerprint, palm veins, face recognition and DNA to palmprint, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina, typing rhythm, gait, voice and much more. Biometric mass surveillance is any monitoring, tracking, and otherwise processing of the biometric data of individuals or groups in an indiscriminate or arbitrarily-targeted manner.
Research shows that these technologies amplify discrimination and are used to persecute people who are simply exercising their rights. In the European Union, the rushed introduction of expensive surveillance technologies that track our faces and bodies is being done without consideration for the harms it could cause to our societies.

Read more about this year’s focus here.


We count on you to turn Freedom not Fear into an effervescent platform of discussion and action. For the 10th edition of our event, we invite submissions that (1) shed light over the deployment of biometric mass surveillance technologies across Europe, (2) develop the strategic role of civil society campaigning in bringing forward a EU – wide ban on biometric mass surveillance.

While not limited to, we invite proposals guided by the following questions:

  • What is the EU doing about biometric mass surveillance?
  • What is the role of local authorities (Mayors, Local council) in stopping the spread of biometric mass surveillance?
  • How can we talk about biometrics mass surveillance beyond the digital rights bubble?
  • What are the best tools activists can use to draw attention to and influence a local/EU ban on biometric mass surveillance?

Proposals should follow one of the following session types.

1. Inform

Format: Panel / Presentation
Speaker (s) present findings/ raise awareness around a topic of choice. Optional Q&A time allows audience to pose questions & speaker(s) to answer. (e.g. Overview of European Commission’s role in banning biometric mass surveillance? Summary of findings – research / report etc.)
Outcome: Share skills and/or lessons learnt
Time: 25/50 minutes, depending on submissions volume
Audience size: no limit

2. Organise

Format: Workshop
Moderator presents 1 questions/issue and opens an interactive discussion to attendees for mapping out ways forward. (e.g. How can mayors help ban facial recognition in cities? What do you need in order to put your city on the “Ban biometrics surveillance” map? Etc.)
Outcome: Map out solutions / Draft document
Time: 25/50 minutes, depending on submissions volume
Audience size: 8 people (registration beforehand)

3. Act

Format: Strategic action room
Organiser supports audience throughout executing strategic, coordinated action. (e.g. tweetstorm, freedom of information requests, data subject access requests, emails to national DPAs)
Outcome: Coordinated direct action
Time: 25/50 minutes, depending on submissions volume
Audience size: 12 people (registration beforehand)

In order to submit a proposal, please use the dedicated framaform. The deadline to send in a session suggestion is 26 October.

Every year, Freedom not Fear is organised and run by an active community, growing into an alliance of over 150 organisations. Our event brings together individuals united by the same idea for the digitised world: freedom of speech not censorship, privacy not surveillance, freedom not fear. In recent years, Freedom not Fear has been supported by a broad alliance including political parties, professional associations, trade unions and freedom activists.

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