How to arrange a meeting with your MEP?

– This letter is out of date: We hurry to get a better one posted asap. –


On FNF-Monday we traditionally meet with members of the parliament to discuss current topics of data protection, surveillance, net neutrality and many more. If you want to arrange a meeting with a MEP, you should write a mail, wait some days and if you didn’t get any answer, call them directly.

We prepared a sample letter to help you:

Dear X,

In October 2015, privacy and dataprotection activists will gather in Brussels for the 6th Freedom not Fear Conference to discuss current EU dossiers and to meet with policy-makers. For this event, we would be happy to meet with you as well and discuss about YZX

We’re currently planing this year’s conference, which will take place between from 16th to
19th of October in Brussels. Like last year, there will be around 60 participants from 15 different European countries.

You can find more information at

We traditionally have meetings with MEPs and members of the Commission
on Monday (19th of October 2015) in small groups (up to 4 or 5 people) to discuss specific current topics. For this reason, we would be very happy if it were possible to discuss with you about Y.

Please let me know if you would be available for approximately one
hour on Monday, 19th October or if you have any questions regarding the

Thanks and best,

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