Freedom not Fear 15 needs you and your helping hand!

We still need helping hands to organize Freedom not Fear 15 in Brussels!

In the last weeks we already organized some Monday meetings with MEPs, but it would be great to have some more (put it into the wiki if you want other people to join you).

The same applies if you want to give a talk, workshop, whatever. Feel free to put it into the wiki.

What we don’t have until now is an organizer for the mass accomodation. It would be good if the person was able to speak French. If you need more information, contact anna[ät]freedomnotfear[dot]org.

It is also time to think about an outside action. I doesn’t have to be a demo but it would be nice to have some action slot. If you have suggestions, join our mailing list, akv-international[ät]listen.akvorrat[dot]org!

And most important task last: Spread the word!

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