What will happen at FNF14 …

If you haven’t been to FNF14 yet, you might ask yourself how the weekend will be structured. Therefore a very preliminary and rough schedule here. Some explanations are given below.


  • We will have plenty of room for workshops – some of them will be pre-organized, some of them will happen spontaneously. We made a small Call for Workshops here, but you are also encouraged to just come and host a discussion, workshop, … you didn’t announce before!
  • Another really important part is to get to know each other and their groups. Therefore use the opportunity to network – during the workshops, during the breaks or while socializing in the evenings.
  • Traditionally we make some outside actions in Brussels. There have been demonstrations and last year we made some “surveillance safari” to go and watch the watchers. This was really nice and we are planning another action this year (we’ll let you know more when time comes)
  • Don’t worry: Of course there will be breaks within the workshop blocks (not like in the schedule above). But as we don’t know how much time the single workshops will need and have rooms to do multiple ones in parallel, we will do this dynamically when deciding about the schedule together.
  • On Friday we start with the keynote but feel free to come earlier and have a chat.
  • The sessions on Monday are mainly self-organized meetings! Of course you can join others but there is no sense in talking to a parlamentarian with a huge group of people. Within the next days we’ll give some “tutorial” how to organize such a meeting yourself. And if you have further questions – just go ahead and ask!
  • Most important: FNF14 needs you! So, if you have suggestions, ideas, you-name-it, just approach us and participate!
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