FNF14 has a keynote speaker & call for workshops

simonWe are proud to announce that this year’s Freedom not Fear conference will be kicked off by a keynote speech by privacy advocate Simon Davies. Simon is one of the pioneers of the international privacy arena and founder of the influential watchdog group Privacy International.

Last month, he published a report which revealed that the overwhelming majority of the world’s governments have failed to take any meaningful action in the wake of the disclosures by whistleblower Edward Snowden (pdf). So what is next for the European institutions ? We are definitely looking forward to his intervention!

Call for Workshops

We are also busy organising the rest of the weekend. Our schedule will include time for networking, the exchange of experiences and knowledge. On Saturday and Sunday, there will be workshops, talks and discussions. More detailed information will follow soon!

If you already have an idea for a workshop or a talk, please submit a short description by 15 August! Just send us an email: info(at)freedom-not-fear.eu

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