Freedom not Fear 2012 – Three days of Networking in Brussels

European policy making is affecting our every day lives and civil liberties more and more. The EU is increasingly imposing unnecessary and disproportionate governmental surveillance measures on us. We are not willing to take this any longer.

Therefore we invite you to join us for about three days of

  • discussions
  • networking
  • protest
  • meetings with politicians

in Brussels.

We would like to offer time & space to exchange thoughts and concerns directly. As we believe, networking beyond borders is becoming more and more important; therefore this “event” shall provide an opportunity to get citizen initiatives from different countries together. We have booked some rooms in the “Mundo B” at Rue d’Edimbourg 26 (Brussels), where we had some wonderful days at Freedom not fear 2011. It’s the home of some non-governmental organisations and a very lovely place with lots of space for our meeting.

We will thus have four days of “Freedom not fear” in Brussels:

  • 14.9.2012 (Friday): Arriving, first meeting
  • 15.9.2012 (Saturday): Slots of networking, lectures and talks in the morning, protest/demonstration in the afternoon
  • 16.9.2012 (Sunday): Slots of networking, lectures and talks
  • 17.9.2012 (Monday): Meetings with politicians (self-organized!)

There is an offer to participate in a visitors Group of the German NGO “FoeBuD” on Monday. If you want to join and visit the European Parlament with MEP Jan Philip Albrecht please contact mail [at] foebud [dot] org.


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